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Arranging a service

1. What do I do when a death occurs?  
You may begin by gathering the family together to discuss the options and the wishes of your departed loved one. When everyone has accepted the reality of the death, you may call the funeral home of your choice. They will transfer your loved one to their care for preparation. The funeral home and its staff play a critical role in planning and executing your wishes.

2. What type of service fits our family?
The needs and preferences of each family may vary. For some families, a service is chosen based on the final wishes of the deceased. For some however, a service is chosen based on the wishes of the family members. We encourage families to discuss the details with our funeral director or crematory director, who can assist you in making decisions for your family.

3. Burial or Cremation?
Burial is done at a cemetery. Families normally purchase a casket and after a short visitation, entomb the casket in a cemetery plot or mausoleum. Families often choose traditional burial because this helps them continue to feel close to the person who died. 
Cremation is an alternative to traditional burial. It occurs in a facility often referred to as a crematory or crematorium. Here at Arlington, Cremation takes 60-90 minutes. The cremated remains are placed in an appropriate urn for burial or inurnment in a columbarium.

4. Why do we need to embalm the body? 
Embalming temporarily preserves the remains of the person, allowing the family some time to view the remains (for a number of days) prior to burial or cremation. It provides relatives and friends time to gather for the funeral service.

5. Do we need to view the remains? 
While it is not necessary, we encourage families to view the remains of their loved ones as it often helps the family come to terms with the reality when there is a physical body present.

6. Should young children be involved in the service? 
We encourage families to allow children to participate in the memorial service. Although children cannot articulate their emotions, they are capable of feeling. Allowing them to be part of the ceremony gives them the opportunity to understand death and grieve.

7. How do we plan ahead?
Arlington offers pre-arrangements through reputable financial institutions such as BPI, Manulife and Prulife UK. For more information, ask your funeral director about this today