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The NLJ Center

Arlington celebrates 30 Years of Family Funeral Care

In honor of its founder, Nestor Lopez Jose, Arlington Memorial Chapels Inc., pioneers a new concept in Family Funeral Care-celebrating life through receptions and memorial tributes.

The NLJ Center for Receptions and Tributes is a place where families can come together and honor the memory of a loved one.

The new center is a state-of-the-art and modern facility where catered receptions and memorial events may be held. With this new facility, families may gather at their desired time and convenience. Receptions and tributes may be held according to the wishes and convenient time of the family-be it during the wake, before or after a cremation, on the 9th day, on the 40th day, or during the death or birth anniversary of the deceased.

With the help of Arlington's certified celebrant, a full service or program may be specifically designed for your loved one. Licensed by the In-Sight Institute (U.S.A), the certified celebrant will create a memorial service that will give true significance to life of your loved one.

These services will be held at the new center, where a dining reception will follow. Equipped with a caterer's hall and private room, the new center can accommodate 50-200 guests.